Bio Toilet

Process of Biodigester

Biodigester made of RCC is equipped with inlet pipe for human waste. The inoculums produced from our own inoculum plant for biodigester that are introduced into the bio septic tank helps convert the solid waste into liquid effluent which can be drained off to any surface and used for irrigation purposes.

An inlet pipe for the waste connects the toilet to the tank. The outlet pipe for carrying the effluent is placed on the other side. The First seed inoculum plant of anaerobic bacteria digester is introduced into the bio tank. Which always routine and popular bio toilet cleaning agents can also be employed without affecting the bacterial population. Sewerage enters the bio septic tank through the inlet pipe; it then passes over the consortium of anaerobic bacteria which break it down into gas and effluent. The treated effluent comes out through the outlet pipe and can be used as-such for gardening purposes or can be treated further by passing it over the reed bed system.

The reed bed system can be optionally added on top of the bio-tank for the second treatment of the water coming out of the bio-tank. The reed bed system comprises of bed of sand and pebbles along with natural wet land plants. The reed bed can ameliorate the waste water that comes out of the bio-tank by totally reducing the smell, suspended particles and pathogenic micro-organisms. The effluent is very safe to discharge into the environment. A pump may be used for further utilization of the water that is coming out of the reed-bed system. A solar panel may be used to power this pump thus making it eco-friendly.

Bio septic tank cum reed bed system is also used to treat the wastewater of kitchen and bathrooms, which enters the bio septic tank just near the outlet pipe and the treated water along with sewage effluent passes on to the reed-bed system.

Bio septic tanks are of different sizes, either for single house or multi-storied complexes. The eco-friendly technology works at a wide range of temperature.

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Bio Toilet

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