Bio Toilet Features

  • Bio Toilet is a next generation environment-friendly waste management process
  • Bio Toilet completely eliminates the need for human maintenance.
  • Eco-Friendly and 100% hazard free.
  • Effluent is free from odour and solid waste.
  • Single time feeding of bacteria inoculums throughout operational life.
  • Faecal matter in the bio tank is not visible.
  • No clogging of digester.
  • No bad smell from the bio toilet tanks in contrast to odour from conventional septic tank.
  • Fermentation container is made of FRP/RCC.
  • Anaerobic bacteria can double its population within 6 to 8 hrs-Bio Toilet
  • De-composes matter into effluent and gases.
  • The Bio toilet installed with biodigester can function at temperature between 5° to 50° C.
  • Water outlet from biodigester can be used for watering plants in gardens.
  • We are a leading anaerobic digester manufacturer in India


1. Eco-friendly & hygienic. Unhygienic disposal of human waste leads to surface
and ground waters pollution and health problems.
2. Maintenance free bio-digester and one time
inoculum feed throughout life time.
Needs periodic evacuation of sewage and
maintenance intensive.
3. More than 99% pathogens reduction. Possibility for spread of diseases.
4. Less space requirement (1/3 of Conventional Tank). Require larger space.
5. No foul smell. Obnoxious smell from septic tanks.
6. Generation of odourless, recycled effluent water and
inflammable biogas.
No useful by products.



No Sewage Cleaning

Completely eliminates the need for human maintenance.

Anaerobic Digester Tank Manufacturer

100% Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly and 100% hazard free.

Bio Toilet

Happy Living

More than 99% of pathogens are killed and hence it is hygienic and healthy.