Biodigester Models

Biodigester can built Less than 30% of conventional septic tank area is sufficient.

Model 1


  • 10 USERS / Day
  • Home

Model 2


  • 20 USERS/Day
  • Home

Model 3


  • Complex/Hotels

Model 4


  • 100 USERS TANK
  • Institutions/
    Gated Communities


Low cost single house biodigester have also been designed for rural sector of the Country which is long lasting requires little space, generates environment friendly safe effluent and doesn’t requires any maintenance. Biodigester are now installed in every school, villages and common public places as expo toilets. Every toilets should be built as biodigester toilet. These bio toilet and expo toilets significantly contributes in the nationwide cleanliness campaign – Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Our bio septic tank has several advantages over the conventional septic tank system. The size of the bio septic tank is approximately 1/3rd of the conventional septic tank and hence material cost and space requirement for building of the bio septic tank is lower.

There is no need to evacuate the tank, which is required for conventional septic tank at frequent intervals.  This tank requires no maintenance and very little quantity of H2S is produced.

MAK India limited, dedicated for bio projects is a leading manufacturer of bio toilet and anaerobic digester tanks based in Coimbatore. We are also one of top anaerobic digester manufacturer in India. We indigenously produce inoculums for our customers in our own in-house inoculum plant for biodigester on made to order basis.

Biodigester can be easily customized with respect to geo-graphical conditions, number of users, mobile or stationary applications and economic conditions of the user.

MAK biodigester tanks can be made to cater any number of users from small home to huge community Apartments, Schools & Colleges, Hospitals, Industries, Theatres and Tourist places. MAK India we are reputed Bio Toilet Manufacturer and Installer in India.

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