Bio Digester STP (Sewage Treatment Plant)

Mak-DRDO, Bio-STP (Bio- Digester STP):

These are fit and forget type with very low maintenance

  • It is nominally priced. It will cost about 50 to 70% of the cost of Conventional STP cost depending on the site conditions.
  • The cost of maintenance would be Zero if properly designed using all gravity flow. At the worst the maintenance cost would include little aeration to control BOD to maintain less than 20 and pumping the water for further use.
  • No sludge generation.
  • It would be about Rs 20/- per user per month as against more than Rs 120/- per month per user.
  • We treat bath, hand wash and kitchen waste water also same way as BDST using Anaerobic bacteria.

How it Works?


Treating Kitchen, hand wash and shower waste water treatment:

These are harmless waste. This waste should not be allowed to decay (fouling) smell (certain aerobic bacteria is responsible for this) without treatment for more than 48 hours stagnating in a tank.

i) We highly recommend using filter for the kitchen waste, so that food material does not go in to the BDST loading the bacteria heavily.

ii) We use the same BDST of appropriate capacity. The anaerobic bacteria will disintegrate and eat. There would not be any residue. The output water may be let in to the collection tank wherein the treated flush water through BDST comes in. Here we use a reed bed system or an aerator based on the need and availability of space.

iii) The tank will have a DO sensor. DO is directly proportional to BOD. The sensor will make the aerator On / OFF. If the BOD goes above 18 it will switch on the aerator. If it goes below 15 it will switch off the aerator.  For 50 KL tank a 5 HP compressor is enough and it will run for about 40% of the time at the maximum depending on the waste nature.



S.No MAK DRDO, BIO – STP (Bio Digester STP) Conventional STP
1. Eco-friendly & hygienic. No user is Happy due to inherent issues such as High Maintenance cost and use of Chemicals periodically.
2. Maintenance free bio-digester and one time inoculum feed throughout life time. Needs periodic evacuation of sewage and
maintenance intensive.
3. Nominally Priced Very High Investment cost
4. Fit & Forget – Low Maintenance Regular maintenance cost
5. No foul smell. Foul Smell depends on Maintenance
6. Crystal Clear Water Outlet – Zero Sludge Creates sludge and need to spend to remove



No Sewage Cleaning

Completely eliminates the need for human maintenance.

Anaerobic Digester Tank Manufacturer

100% Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly and 100% hazard free.

Bio Toilet

Happy Living

More than 99% of pathogens are killed and hence it is hygienic and healthy.